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Live in the geographical gem of Incline Village, a small community located on along the luscious Lake Tahoe, nestled between the Elderado and Tahoe National Forests. Buy your Lake Tahoe home with the help of experienced real estate agent, Alvin Steinberg and his Lake Tahoe team. When you are looking to buy a luxury home in the Lake Tahoe Area, Alvin Steinberg is the agent that will work for you to find the best place to call home for you and your family. He’s been in the real estate business since 1972 and living in Lake Tahoe since 1980. This has helped Alvin Steinberg gain the knowledge of the real estate market and experience necessary to help you find the perfect home; no one knows the area better than Alvin Steinberg.

When you buy your home in Lake Tahoe, you become a part of a small tight-knit community of people. Despite the secluded location, there are still plenty of activities to keep your family occupied when not observing the stunning terrain of Lake Tahoe. Enjoy an array of water activities and water sports during the summer, and hit the nearby slopes during the winter and enjoy some recreational skiing.

People who live in Lake Tahoe tend to live longer. The relaxed lifestyle and gorgeous views are perfect for your health, the crisp air is almost healing to the lungs. There are few thing more perfect that stepping outside your door in the morning and viewing the clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe. Find you luxury home in this scenic area with the help of Alvin Steinberg at Living Lake Tahoe.