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If you are considering buying or investing in Incline Village luxury real estate, you may be wondering what the demographics of this Nevada neighborhood look like. According to the 2010 census, 8777 people live in Incline Village. The figure provided by the 2010 census also includes residents of Crystal Bay.

The home ownership rate in Incline Village is 70.5%. Over 40% of the residents are 55 years or older while those who fall between the 35 to 54 age range account for 23.9% of the population. 55.4% of the residents have a college degree. Incline Village’s median household income is way higher than the national median and stands at $77,014.

Since Incline Village attracts a decent number of vacationers every year, the hospitality industry is one of its biggest employers.

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Hotels in Incline Village

There are hotels and resorts and a significant number of Incline Village luxury estate units are always let out as vacation homes. The accommodation industry employs 18% of all Incline Village workers. Other major employers include construction, arts, and professional services.

As far as ethnicity is concerned, Caucasians account for 79% of the residents while Hispanics or Latinos account for 16.6%. Asians are 1.9% of the population, Blacks are 0.1% of the population, American Indians are 1.9% of the population, and Pacific Islanders are 0.2% of the population.

Several public figures have bought Incline Village luxury real estate or lived in the neighborhood over the years. Some of the notable individuals who have owned Incline Village luxury real estate include Warren Buffett, David Coverdale, Larry Ellison, Jerome Lemelson, Mike Love, Aaron Rodgers, and Bill Miller.

Any person looking to snatch an Incline Village luxury real estate unit has a lot of options to choose from. Most of the premium units sell for more than one million dollars. According to Neighborhood Scout, 29.5% of homes in Incline Village are valued at $1,174,000 or more. The median home value according to Zillow is $735,800 with the median listing price being $1,250,000.

One of the neighborhoods lined with unit after unit of incredible Incline Village luxury real estate is Sierra Nevada College/Lake Shore Blvd. It also happens to be the neighborhood that has seen the most appreciation in home values since 2000.