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The majority of people who visit Lake Tahoe for the first time are overwhelmed by the area’s magnificent terrain, crystal blue waters, and overall beauty. By the end of a lot of visitors trips they are thinking to themselves “one day I hope to be lucky enough to live here”. While it is true that Lake Tahoe has a lot to offer visitors, it is the residents who get to enjoy the area on a daily basis that are truly lucky.

The Lake Tahoe area is abundant with outdoor recreational activities and the lives of many Tahoe residents revolve around athletic endeavors. Whether you are a conditioned athlete, a weekend warrior or a couch potato, there are many levels on which you can participate. The Summer Season gives residents boating, hiking, golfing and biking. Winter provides skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. In any event, there is something for everyone in this mountain oasis. Residents of Lake Tahoe live a much more laid back life than many. It is hard not to when surrounded by so much beauty and character.

Yes, when you live in Lake Tahoe you live in a rural resort area, but you haven’t left behind the amenities of great dining and entertainment. Lake Tahoe delivers both. And, what you have gained is a small town feeling of community in a beautiful environment. When you decide to relocate to Lake Tahoe let The Real Estate Team of Alvin Steinberg get you all set up in the area. Our Team will get you familiarized with the area, into the home of your dreams, and have you calling Lake Tahoe hoe in no time. Call us today for more information.  1-800-666-4718