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Prepare To Sell Your Luxury Lake Tahoe Home With Expert Realtor Alvin Steinberg

09 Jan
admin January 9, 2017 0

When it comes time to sell your luxury Lake Tahoe home, there’s no better Realtor in Nevada than Alvin Steinberg. With an in-depth knowledge of the local community and residential real estate market, Alvin has been helping both individuals and families alike to buy and sell their homes. When you want to get the greatest return on your investment, call Alvin Steinberg to sell your luxury home.

There are many aspects that go in to the home selling process that are often overlooked by sellers that could dramatically increase the value of their homes. It’s these little details that add up to a higher asking price that Alvin hones in on, helping to ensure you’re seeing the most of your investment returned to you.

The home selling experience starts immediately with the curbside appeal. Many potential buyers will do a drive-by of your property before they look further in to your property, and ensuring that your house is set to impress the moment you place it on the market not only increases the value, but dramatically increase the chances those who drive by will schedule that initial appointment. Make sure that any repairs that need to be completed are taken care of, your driveway is clear and your home is clean; this makes it even more appealing, as though it were “move in ready.”

It’s not just the exterior, but making sure that all interior repairs are taken care of eliminates potential excuses before they even arise. If you’ve already moved and are just now listing your home, setting your home with some “homely” touches helps the buyers immediately transport themselves to what it would be like to live in your house. It’s small touches such as having a pot of coffee prepared for buyers, making sure that doors are unlocked and it’s easy to navigate your home, even preparing the lighting to properly display your home, are all touches that Alvin Steinberg takes to set your house apart.

Call Alvin Steinberg today for Lake Tahoe luxury home listings, and to list your home. Alvin will make sure that you’re informed of each and every step throughout the buying process, and will eliminate the headaches that traditionally are associated when selling your home. When you want the greatest return on your Lake Tahoe home, call Alvin Steinberg today.

List your Lake Tahoe Home by calling 1(800) 666-4718.

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