Many buyers looking for property in and around Lake Tahoe are looking for a retreat or second home for their families. Selling a property as a vacation home can come with some unique challenges. The Steinberg Team has the experience both buying and selling properties as second homes. Our approach to marketing your property allows us to reach buyers in any area. Some important factors in selling vacation homes include, season, condition, and price.

-Listing your property during the times that have the most travelers in Lake Tahoe will allow you to sell your property at a higher price quicker.

-Keeping the property clean and free of clutter will attract more vacation buyers. Vacation buyers like to know that the property will be in good shape when they are not around.

-Keep things neutral. Many Vacation buyers will also rent the property out when they are not using it. Keeping the property fairly neutral will make it more appealing to the larger audience.

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