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Tahoe Luxury Homes Lake View Neighborhoods

08 Jun
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Tahoe boasts of homes with some very incredible views. There are homes with views of the beautiful Lake Tahoe, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and golf courses. Buying a home that guarantees some of these incredible views is a must if you are going to fully enjoy the Tahoe experience. Those who want to enjoy views of the lake should consider looking at the following Tahoe luxury homes lake view neighborhoods.

Lakefront Subdivision

The lakefront subdivision is a prime location if you want to live right on the water. Besides the views, this Tahoe luxury homes lake view neighborhood also boasts of homes with private sandy beaches, private piers, and some homes sitting on several acres of real estate.

Prices of luxury homes vary greatly and range from $1m to $35m. The subdivision offers buyers a decent selection of property types. You can buy standalone exclusive mansions or choose to live in a condominium.

Lakeview Subdivision

If you want to live close to the popular Burnt Cedar Beach and the Village Market while still enjoying amazing views of Lake Tahoe, the Lakeview Subdivision is the place to be. The neighborhood is magnificent and has been the host to some of the most beautiful Tahoe luxury homes lake view listings to ever hit the market.

Alvin Steinberg of Living Lake Tahoe has extensive experience as a real estate agent in Lakeview Subdivision and the surrounding neighborhoods. Feel free to contact him in case you want help purchasing a property in Tahoe.

Lower Tyner Subdivision

With home prices ranging from $700,000 to $3M, Lower Tyner Subdivision offers great homes to the North of Lake Tahoe with awesome views of the lake. You will also have great views of the mountains. There aren’t as many vacation homes here as there are in the Lakefront and Lakeview subdivisions. Most homes are therefore occupied all year round.

Ski Way Subdivision

This Tahoe luxury homes lake view neighborhoods offers more selections of condominiums than other neighborhoods on this list. You can still find great standalone mansions in the area, though. Ski Way Subdivision boasts of several vacation properties and you can expect almost half of the properties in the area to be vacant at any given time of the year save for the peak tourist seasons. Since the area attracts a lot of tourists, living here gives you access to a lot of fun amenities and services to pamper yourself.

Mill Creek Subdivision

Mill Creek Subdivision hosts some of the more affordable homes with impressive lake views. Home prices range from $400,000 to $6M. Despite the lower comparative prices to some of the neighborhoods on this list, the homes are actually pretty good. The location is also good if you plan on being a permanent resident. You should definitely not buy a rental vacation home here as the neighborhood is not structured to offer a touristy experience.

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