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The Biggest Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2020 and 2021

18 Jan
Alvin Steinberg January 18, 2020 0

I think it’s safe to say that if you are about to embark on a new kitchen or bath project there’s never been a better time to get educated on the trends. As a designer I’m not a big fan of following trends, however, I have a trained eye and know how to navigate the challenging waters of a large investment like a remodel or new build. While you should always select things you like, there are some rules you must adhere to in order to ensure your investment takes you the distance; otherwise you end up spending thousands of dollars that could instantly date your space ten years without you even realizing it.

kitchen and bath trends

About a year ago I was contacted by a gal who was building a three million dollar home in Northern California. Her husband was adamant about installing espresso cabinets and stainless steel appliances with travertine. Ummm, where’d you get that idea, 2005? If they had moved forward with their plans they would have dated their brand new kitchen almost twenty years by the time they moved in, not to mention regretted spending $75K on their kitchen design. This is why it’s important to have an understanding of trends. You don’t have to adhere to all of the “it” things, but you do have to play by some of the rules so you don’t blow your money in an uninformed way, and regret it.

Five things to get over right now that are OUT, OUT, OUT!

  • The all-white kitchen and the all-white bathroom are out!
  • Stainless steel appliances are OUT!
  • Spaces devoid of color – Out!
  • Spaces devoid of beautiful details – OUT!
  • Grey is OUT!

I think it’s safe to say that our country has been swept away by the Marie Kondo way of living. Simplify, organize and beautify your life. Built-in organization is making a massive come back. Walk into any home built in the early nineteenth century and built-in cabinets with clever storage were through out the house. While many homes today no longer build cabinets into the wall, that doesn’t mean your cabinets can’t have incredibly clever gadgets to help you stay organized. All in all many of the trends that were peeking out in last years KBIS kitchen and bath show have now made their grand entrance, and they are here to stay! Here are the 5 trends you need to know about as you prepare your new space:

1. Organized Cabinets

– clever, easy to use storage was everywhere. Have a cabinet that’s too high? No problem! Corner cabinet with dead space? No problem! Junk drawer…no more! Sloppy appliances all over the bathroom counter with messy cords? Not any more! Enter in the new kid to organize, simplify and beautify your inner world.

organized cabinets
Fineline organized cabinets
by Fineline
organized cabinets
organized cabinets
by Rev a Shelf
organized cabinets
by HafeleAmerica

2. Colored Appliances

– I mean, this has been a growing trend for close to three years now so if you’ve been working with an interior designer, they likely steered you away from Stainless. Stainless has been going fifteen years strong so it’s certainly time for a change. The kicker is, when you start to create your dream space the stuff that’s “out” is likely the stuff that’s on sale or super affordable. This can make it a tough choice when you’re working with a budget. And you may say, but Amanda if I choose a pink stove it won’t be nearly as classic as stainless. The good news is, while color is the “IT” choice for appliances, (side note YELLOW is coming in HOT) white and black are making a huge comeback!

Colored Appliances
by MadCap Cottage for Bluestar cooking
Colored Appliances
by Smeg
Colored Appliances
by True
Berenson hardware
photo by Berenson hardware
Dacor colored appliances
by Dacor
Colored Appliances
by True

3. The All-White Kitchen and Bath Are Out!

Wood is making a strong comeback and strong color still rules the trends! So if you’re thinking about doing that trendy all-white kitchen you saw on Pinterest, think again! And FYI – tread lightly on Pinterest. It’s a great source for inspiration but the platform is now 10 years old and so are many of it’s photos. So just because an all-white kitchen is popping up, doesn’t mean it’s a new photo.

All-White Kitchen
photo by NKBA British Columbia
KBIS official custom cabinetry
by KBIS official custom cabinetry
organized cabinets
custom cabinets
custom cabinets
Custom Cabinets
by Christopher Peacock
All-White Bath