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Tax Season Guide to Small Business Expense Deductions

16 Mar

Whether you love tax season or hate it, you can’t put off preparing and filing your return. One thing that can make the task more pleasant is maxing out all the various tax deductions your business qualifies for. Claiming deductions can save your business money at tax time if it reduces your taxable income (and hopefully, your tax bill). But just what…

Nevada Set For Next Housing Price Boom

02 Dec

– Eric Fox – VP of Statistical and Economic Modeling – Veros Real Estate Solutions In 1929, the Reno City Council decided that, rather than dismantling the steel sign arching over the road into town, they would replace the wording that promoted the 1927 Nevada Transcontinental Highways Exposition with a slogan to promote the town. A contest was launched, and…

Checklist to prepare your home for winter

20 Nov

Energy saving efforts don’t just make sense, they make dollars and cents. While that’s not exactly a newsflash for most homeowners, it’s high time to get ‘er done with winter fast approaching. Below are just a few winter energy saving tips that vary in cost and effort from ‘a big fat zero’ to ‘not very much’. Zero Dollars, Perfect Sense…

What Nevada Offers

21 Jun

The State of Nevada offers one of the most tax and business friendly environments of any state. Here are some of the reasons why advisers, celebrities, investment bankers, CEO’s, and athletes call Nevada home: No personal income tax No corporate income tax No gross receipts tax No franchise tax No inventory tax No tax on issuance of corporate shares No…

Where to Find Unbiased Lake Tahoe Market Reports

03 Aug
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You should always do due diligence before you spend your hard earned fortune on a real estate property. Part of doing due diligence is seeking out recent real estate market reports from unbiased sources and comparing the data with the information your local real estate agent tells you. Most real estate agencies publish their own market reports using their own…

Home Exchange for Seniors: Why Lake Tahoe is the Best Place to Buy a Property

27 Jul
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Thanks to home exchange programs, seniors now have an opportunity to travel to their favorite destinations and experience those places as a local would. By staying in a private residence instead of a hotel, a traveler earns the freedom to interact with the host community as authentically as possible. They also end up spending very little on accommodation costs. While…

Fixing the Main Problem with Having a Dedicated Vacation Home

20 Jul
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The main argument people have against the idea of owning a vacation property is that someone who buys a vacation property commits themselves to vacation in the same place every time. By vacationing at the same spot, critics say, the homeowners miss out on the novelty of travel. This line of thinking could have been correct 50 years ago. Today,…

Best Places to Buy a Vacation Home If You Want to Save on Taxes

13 Jul
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One of the factors you should consider when scouting for a second home or vacation rental is the tax regime of the hosting state. Tax laws will determine if the mortgage interest on the home is deductible, how much in property taxes you end up paying, and if you rent out the place, how much of your rental income you…

How to Properly Market a Vacation Home

06 Jul
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If you in the market for a second home, you are probably wondering how you will make money off it when you are away. You actually can make decent money off your vacation home if you go about the endeavor the right way. As you would expect, the location of your property will be a key factor in whether or…


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