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Tips to Sell Your Lake Tahoe Home From The Alvin Steinberg Team

02 Sep
admin September 2, 2015 0

Without a doubt one of the largest and most important financial transactions one will make in their life is selling their home. It is important to recognize this and not take the selling process lightly or you could leave thousands of dollars on the table. The Alvin Steinberg Real Estate Team have helped many Lake Tahoe residents navigate through the home selling process and get the best possible value in their home sale. Our Team has over  25 years of experience in the real estate market. Alvin Steinberg can ensure that you are getting the best return when you sell a home in Lake Tahoe.

Over the past 25 years Alvin has seen the real estate market change time and time again. All of these changes have allowed us to pick up valuable tips and tools that we share with our team and clients. You can rest assured that when you sell your Lake Tahoe home with the Steinberg Team you are truly working with  a group of experts that has your best interest in mind. When selling your home in today’s market there are certain things that every home seller should be aware of.

  • The “true value” of your home is what someone is willing to pay for the property at the time of sale. Overpricing your home can detract buyers from considering, or even seeing your home. Many buyers are using internet tools to search for properties that will disqualify your home from a search if the listing price is out of range.
  • Getting the best sale price for your home can take a little bit of work. Many home sellers who have lived in their home for an extended period of time can become immune to the little things that will attract buyers. When selling your home have someone who is a 3rd party look at your home to point out things that may be unappealing to home buyers. The Alvin Steinberg Team can give you advice on things that you can do yourself, or hire someone to do at a minimal price that will skyrocket your home’s “true value”
  • Creating a neutral feel in the home can make it more appealing to a wider variety of buyers. When you put your home on the market it is important to display it in a way where potential buyers can see themselves living in it. Remove as many “trinkets” and “family specific” items as you can so the buyer can imagine the home the way they want it.
  • Curb Appeal is key to getting buyers inside. Many times buyers will do a “drive by” of your property before ever even scheduling a showing. While buyers will not make the decision to purchase from this, they may make the decision to cross your hoe of their list. It is important to keep your property inviting from the street throughout the home selling process.
  • Negotiating is a give and take. Remember when you have a potential buyer that both of you are trying to get the best deal. When negotiating it is important to understand what each party really needs and wants so a deal can be made. Alvin Steinberg and his Team  can help you with the negotiation process and make sure you are being treated fairly and not giving up to much.

If you are interested in learning more about selling your Lake Tahoe home contact Alvin Steinberg today! 800-666-4718

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